Unwind Landscapes:

A Technology Transformation Story

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When Gina Henry and her co-owner stepped into our office, they commanded the presence of entrepreneurs ready for change. Unwind Landscapes, along with their cactus farm and landscape supplies division, was operating in what Gina affectionately referred to as "the Stone Age." Despite their passion and the quality of their work, they were struggling with missed opportunities, lost calls, and the colossal task of managing prospects manually.

The Challenge

Unwind Landscapes suffered from technological shortcomings that left prospects slipping through the cracks. The manual processes for tracking inbound calls, managing customer interactions, and organizing service appointments were cumbersome and inefficient.

Our Strategy
After a thorough assessment of Unwind Landscapes' operations and goals, we mapped out a comprehensive strategy that encompassed Branding, Technological Integration, Customer Relationship Management, and Operational Efficiency.

  • Technology Overhaul:

    Beginning with the Brand Builder AI software implementation, we revolutionized how Unwind Landscapes handled inbound communication, customer tracking, and service deployment.

  • Customer Engagement Enhancement:

    We introduced chatbots for immediate response, automated review requests to improve online visibility, and an app for field crews to update clients with real-time images and project progress.

  • Internal Communication Fluidity:

    Streamlining internal company communications was essential. We centralized communications into a single, easy-to-use platform for seamless operations.

Transformation and Results

The transformation was profound. Unwind Landscapes leaped into technological savviness, ensuring no prospect was ever missed again. Here are the highlights of their success story:

  • Increased Engagement:

    The automated tools and chatbots enhanced customer interaction, leading to more interest and organic business growth.

  • Enhanced Service Perception:

    The ability for field crews to communicate directly with clients, providing updates and images of projects, significantly elevated the perceived value of their services.

  • Operational Efficiency:

    The consolidation of communications and tracking of inbound interactions in one place streamlined the entire operation, making it more efficient and organized.


Gina Henry of Unwind Landscapes states, "It's basically taken us from the Stone Age to being technically savvy," crediting the Brand Builder I software for transforming their business operations and customer engagement strategy.

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